person holding stainless steel spoon
person holding stainless steel spoon

I would love to hear from you! Please note, I am primarily open to inquiries for regular meal-prep personal chef services.

I will also consider private instruction/home cooking classes in your own home or any other small-scale, plant-based culinary opportunities in the Austin area on a limited basis.

​Please keep in mind that I am committed to opportunities that emphasize the preparation of healthy and minimally processed foods with a whole-food plant-based focus exclusively (vegetarian/vegan) as I do not prepare meals containing animal meats or seafood.

You can read more about my service offerings and rates in the "SERVICES" page on this website. You can contact me by using the form below. When doing so, please include what service offering you are inquiring about, the number of people in your household, any specific dietary requirements/preferences and what area of Austin you are located in. Thank you!