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Please keep in mind that all the services I offer below emphasize the preparation of healthy and minimally processed foods with a plant-based focus (vegetarian/vegan) exclusively as I do not prepare meals containing animal meats or seafood.

Preparing Guacamole
Preparing Guacamole

Personal Chef Weekly Meal Prep

The Personal Chef Meal Prep Services encompasses the following:

  • Initial Client Assessment / Personalized Menu Preferences

  • Shopping for Groceries

  • Pantry Stocking & Inventory

  • Meal Preparation & Cooking

  • Packaging / Storing

  • Cleaning Kitchen & Trash Removal


I prepare all your meals for the week in your home kitchen on the scheduled Service Day.  The Weekly Meal Prep Plans offered are based on complete meals for four or more -- how this translates is that they are based on number of Entrees times the number of Servings of each. For example, 3 unique Entrees (complete meal with sides) of 4 Servings of each Entree would total 12 Servings. Based on this, the meal plans I offer would be priced as follows:


  • 3 Entrees x 4 Servings = 12 Servings Total = $350 (plus the cost of groceries)

  • 4 Entrees x 4 Servings = 16 Servings Total = $450 (plus the cost of groceries)

  • 5 Entrees x 4 Servings = 20 Servings Total = $550 (plus the cost of groceries)

After our one-time Initial Assessment meeting at your home, the only commitment required from you to secure a Service Day is a grocery deposit that will be used towards the cost of groceries for the upcoming Service Day.  Cost of groceries may range between $75-$150 depending on meal prep plan selected and whether you prefer your produce to be Certified Organic or Conventional.  Fees for service and remaining balance for groceries (if any) are due on Service Day.  Please note that I usually shop for all my clients' groceries 2-3 days in advance of Service Day and I do require a three-day advance notice for any cancellations for any scheduled Service Day.  Rescheduling will be subject to availability.

At this time, I am considering new clients in the Austin area.  Travel surcharges may apply depending upon your location.

Private Chef Dinner

Think of this as having the fine-dining restaurant experience and the Executive Chef come to you to cook in your own home.  Typically, this service offering will entail a uniquely-crafted multi-course meal catered to your requirements.  The Private Chef Dinner Service entails grocery shopping, meal preparation in your home, personal plating and service to you and your guests, as well as cleanup.  Cost of groceries is additional.  Service is exclusive and limited to no more than four people.  The entire service, preparation and cleanup will be conducted by the Chef.  Scheduling is subject to availability.  Please contact me for additional details.

Chef Dish
Cooking Class

Cooking Classes at Home

I am open to any inquiries for private instruction/home cooking classes. Please contact me for additional details.

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